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Basia Dietz-Zieba was born Barbara Michniowska in Sanok, Poland. She attended the University of Krakow, where she received a Master's Degree in Ethnography. In 1973, after living in London, she moved to Eastern Long Island and settled down in Westhampton Beach. Barbara, often referred to as Basia, had an interest in art since a young age, mostly in painting and drawing. Her innate artistic talent was passed down to her from a family of artists.


Basia’s professional experience includes opening a Polish folk art gallery on Long Island, exposing the work of prominent Polish artists. She was also involved in organizing the Polish Art Festival in 1976 in East Hampton’s Guild Hall. Barbara also ran a successful fabric printing business, designing her own prints by hand.


Basia’s most recent passion is ceramics. Inspired by her favorite impressionist artists including Picasso, she creates flowers, animals, and whatever comes to her mind, expressed through the natural work of her hands. She continues to gain recognition for her unique artistry.




© 2015 Basia Dietz-Zieba

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